The journey




Most international flights arrive in the afternoon or evening in San José/Alajuela. If you are looking for an overnight accommodation, we can recommend a nice «hotel» (, which is only 20 minutes away from the airport. The owners would be pleased to pick you up from the airport and give you information about further objects of interest and sightseeing in Costa Rica. Of course, there are also other hotels of different prize categories in San José.


Journey to the South

The easiest way to the south is taking the Bus «Transportes Blanco Lobo» (Av. 9, Calle 14-16) from San José. It is leaving in the early morning heading to Puerto Jimenez. It takes 8 hours to get to La Palma. We recommend you to buy your ticket one day before your departure, as most of the seats will be taken.


Stop over

Although you can do this trip in one day, we recommend you to split it up in two. Another bus «Musoc» (Av. 22, Calle 1-3) is leaving every hour from San José to San Isidro El General. Arriving there you will find a hotel to spend the night. Early the next morning you will leave to Puerto Jimenez. At 12 am you will arrive at La Palma. You can take a taxi to the Tamandu Lodge in the indian reservation «Alta Laguna». 


How to get there by 4x4- rental car


In La Palma you turn right at the end of the street, but don’t turn left after the cemetery (direction Corcovado), drive straight on so that you will pass by a worker’s housing estate and over the new suspension bridge. Continue this way 1 km until you see el Centro Educativo in the distance and a road turns left. Follow it over a bridge made out of tree-trunks and over some small creeks until you come to the end of the road, where a sign says „Reservation Alto Laguna“. Follow the track on your right for about 2.5 km until you reach the school building. From there you can follow the new trail with your 4x4- rental car directly to the Tamandu Lodge.  The trip from La Palma is about 8 km long.


Please call 8821 45 25 five days before your arrival so that we can arrange everything.



Another possibility is the flight from San José to Puerto Jimenez. At the airport in San José you will find all the necessary information to book your flight to Puerto Jimenez. Tickets: From Puerto Jimenez to La Palma the bus only needs one hour. Or you can hire yourself a taxi.


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