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Most of the Guaymies are farmers. But as the jungle's soil isn't very fertile, no food can be sold. They even have to buy additional food sometimes.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to earn money in the reserve. Therefore, the Guaymie men have to look for a job outside of the reserve. Due to this, their wives and children sometimes have to wait two weeks until they see their father/husbands again. An alternative would be that the whole family works on a coffee plantation for a few months. But the work on a plantation is very exerting and even when it's raining they have to work all day long. This work helps them to earn enough money, so that they are able to live again at home for a few months.

This is one of the reasons, why we have decided for tourism as a new source of income. The development of the tourism sector will permit that the family can stay together and work on their own ground. Furthermore, we enjoy telling your more about our culture and knowledge, such as:

   How to gain the material for the production of bags from plants and barks

   How to colour fibers with the help of plants or roots

   How to produce bags and Guaymie clothing

  How to build houses and huts and how to cover them with palm leaves




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